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The remote control (ARC) comes with programming cables to connect it to your smartphone or tablet and set up all the the functions for your vehicle including the AUX (audio) connection. You also get the smartphone app which has a ton of extra functionality like vehicle speed, fuel level, battery status, tire pressure, how much charge is left in your battery, etc. The app also has a fuel app that shows what you have left in your tank. You can also program your brakes to brake by tapping your foot on the gas or brake pedal. Another feature is the remote start with no button inside your vehicle! All you do is press the app button on your phone and it starts your vehicle when you arrive. You can also remotely turn your vehicle off or on.The ARC is really easy to use and setup. I’ll be demonstrating how to install it and connect it to your vehicle in just a minute. However, if you have never done this before, this video will go through everything that you need to know.Setup:Pre-Prep:Open your vehicle as if you were going to start the vehicle. Then plug the ARC in. Step 1:Use the provided metal hook to lower the ARC to the floor. (not necessary if your vehicle has a removable carpet) Step 2:Plug the ARC into the vehicle's AUX port. Step 3:Now you are ready to program the ARC. Step 4:Connect the programming cable to your phone (iOS or Android) and the ARC. You will need to download the ARC app from the App Store or Google Play Store. (the app is free)Once you have the ARC app open, you will need to find the LASS 2 app. In order to access it, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the screen and then find your phone. There will be two icons: ARC Remote Control and LASS 2 – Your Upgrade. Step 5:Once you have the LASS 2 app installed on your phone, tap on the App Store icon on the LASS 2 screen. Step 6:Scroll down and find the ARC app and tap on the Open button.Step 7:You will see a screen similar to this: Step 8:Now press the Install button.Step 9:You will now see the Install button turn yellow and start installing the ARC app. Step 10: Once the app is installed, you will see the ARC app icon on the LASS 2 screen.Step




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Audiobro Lass Full 2 Kontakt Magnetrixx Torrent ayshal

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