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Origin: Indianapolis

Genre: Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soul, Reggae, Pop, Jazz

Years Active: 2016 - Present

Label: Past: Captain Beardo Records

Present: Independent

Official Websites:

Dacota Muckey is the 27 year old frontman of the Indie Rock group "Five Door Sedan" formerly known as "Dacota Muckey & The Trip."

Apart from his original career, kept completely separate is a career performing in bars and restaurants from Hawaii to Florida and everywhere in between as well as weddings both solo as well as with the Emerald Empire Band.

From college bars to biker bars to beach side resorts, Dacota has performed just about every type of club covering material from Amy Winehouse to Mac Miller to Pink Floyd. 

Here is a list of where Dacota has performed:

-San Fransisco, California

-Hilo, Hawaii

-Kona, Hawaii

-Boulder, CO

-Santa Fe, New Mexico

-Austin, TX

-St Louis, Missouri

-Minneapolis, MN

-Madison, WI

-Chicago, IL

-St. John, US Virgin Islands

-Corrientes, Chaco Provence, Argentina

-Indianapolis, IN

-Cincinnati, OH

-Covington, KY

-Columbia, SC

-Charleston, SC

-Charlotte, NC

-Asheville, NC

-Fort Meyers Beach, FL

-Tampa, FL

-Floyd, Virginia

-Ann Arbor, Michigan

-Grand Rapids, Michigan

-Detroit, Michigan

-Savery, Wyoming

-Manchester, TN

Notable Career Highlights

Dacota has directly supported Grammy Award Winning Blues Traveler as well Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Tower of Power, Matisyahu, Cas Haley, Laith Al Saadi of NBC's The Voice and more. 

He has performed on a plaza stage at Bonnaroo 2018 with Ben Carrey of the popular band, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. 

His music has been featured on popular YouTube channels such as Sugar Shack Sessions, Austin Artist Spotlight, and The Grilled Cheese Show.

What cover songs will I play?

Why are all the videos online of originals?

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Below I have included videos of myself performing so you have an idea of what I sound like. I have included my version of songs by Pink Floyd, Mac Miller, and Jimi Hendrix.

My decision to keep my original career (venues, theaters, ticket sale based shows) separate from my cover shows (bars, breweries, restaurants) has been in large part to stay consistent with my fan base that come to my shows expecting my originals only, while simultaneously being able to deliver a high energy, crowd interactive show consisting of all covers for bars and restaurants.

The majority of my filming/media budget has been to invest in my own original songs. If you search "Dacota Muckey" on YouTube or Google, you will find no shortage of professional shot videos of my performing my own songs, however; what I perform in bars and restaurants is highly interactive with well known songs catered specifically to the crowd I am in front of. 


Time by Pink Floyd & Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Come Back to Earth by Mac Miller

Gypsy by Dacota Muckey




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