"I had the pleasure of meeting & playing some music with Dacota at Shangri-La Music Festival and was thoroughly impressed. His songs are lyrically driven, songs about self empowerment, growth, and self activation. Underneath his poetic couplets is an phenomenal grip on his guitar, melodies and chords built in between confident riffs and challenging finger work. And all this shines no brighter than his voice. A textural gift of rasp and soul. A voice that cuts through you while putting you at ease. I was truly in awe while watching his artistry unfold, and am only surprised with the idea that more people have not heard his work. Because more people should. A true talent from an supreme musician."

Donavan Wheeler of National Road Magazine

"But in his solo work, This is the Music That Heals Your Soul, that youthful swagger has found its footing.  Trading in The Trip’s electric reverb for sounds ringing of acoustic guitars and piano keys, Muckey’s record (released early last spring) showcases a musical dexterity of style and gravitas.  From haunting ballads such as “To Forgive is to Love,” to his triumphant declarations of solidary in tracks like “We All Bleed Red,” Muckey’s album declares that his transition into adulthood is final.

Whether Muckey stays with this style for the lifetime’s worth of records to follow is open to conjecture.  He’s more than proven he can adapt and change, and he’s clearly establishing that he’s open to experimentation.  What he puts out later, however, matters then.  What matters now is that he’s on the forefront of the Midwestern music scene.  And with both and talent and youth on his side, it’s a vantage point he will be holding onto for a long time to come."

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© 2020 by DACOTA MUCKEY.  {Photos by Kurtis Bowersock,Destiny Cooper, Moriel O' Connor}